Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Working with unsaturated polyester resins

When working with resins and  ancillaries products, the materials should be handled in the correct manner to avoid any adverse impact on human health and the environment.
Unsaturated polyester  resins contain styrene, which is a flammable substance. As a result of the flammable nature of styrene and subsequently resins,  they are both classified as dangerous goods . Specific safety measures have to be followed with regard to transport, storage and handling.  This blog site for the next few weeks shall detail the generally accepted recommendations for the safe handling of unsaturated polyester resins and associated products such as gelcoats, vinyl esters and bonding pastes.

General precautions

A Safety Data Sheet is available for any NCS Resins product. A Safety Data Sheet provides critical information on significant aspects concerning the safe handling of resins.
The consumer must read the MSDS thoroughly before commencing work with the product. Consul NCS Resins, should the consumer require any clarification on the safet use of the product.

For the safe handling and use resins and associated products, strict precautions should be taken against Flammability and explosion, Spillage, Contact with skin and eyes and Vapour emission inhalation.

Watch this space for an update on Flammability and Explosion!!!